The Fossil Feather Delightfully Raw Petoskey Stone Jewelry

The Fossil Feather - Celebrating Raw Perfection

Each Petoskey Stone in every piece of my collection was hand-picked by me (or someone very close to me) from the shores and shallow waters of Northern Lake Michigan.  All perfectly raw.  Some perfectly flawed.

The Petoskey Stones I use in my designs are not tumbled, ground or polished until smooth  like most traditional designers; but rather, remain in their "raw" state, tumbled smooth by millions of years of rolling in Lake Michigan waves.  The stones are hand-drilled and the holes are not finished lending nicely to the "raw" state.  I use a clear coat gloss which gives the stones a wet look to bring out the pattern complimented by an amazing shine.

Many of my stones are naturally shaped and flawless in their pattern, and yet some are delightfully riddled by ridges, holes, petrified mud and even nature-made (and nature-maintained) cracks. My designs embrace this unique raw state and I celebrate every nature-made imperfection as perfection, turning every design into a unique conversation piece.  The wonderfully flawed stones are my favorite.  Like us, not perfect; worn over the years by tumbling, each with unique individual character.  Uniquely beautiful. Uniquely raw. Uniquely perfect.

I seem to prefer the boho/western style when designing the pieces.  Simple leather and a few beads best compliment every perfectly raw stone. 

Every piece that I make, I seriously want to keep for myself!  I hope you love them as much as I do.  One-of-a-kind.  Hand-picked.  Hand-designed.  A treasure for all time.